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    Workshop equipment

    At Blinker we have a wide range of very competitive workshop equipment products.

    Pneumatic Installation

    We have the accessories and equipment necessary for a correct pneumatic installation in our workshop:

    • Mobile compressors for the generation of compressed air of different capacities, which allow us to use pneumatic machines anywhere we have an electrical connection.
    • Air filters, safety quick couplings, adapters, spirals and reels for the treatment and distribution of compressed air.
    • Mobile oil recovery equipment for the correct maintenance of the vehicle.
    • Hoses, both electric and pneumatic, for high-quality workshop equipment.

    Trolleys and Toolboxes

    We offer our clients a wide variety of products in different qualities and finishes. We highlight our Trolley Tool Box, made of steel and with wheels that allow its transport, as well as our Workshop storage system, made of high quality polypropylene. It is a storage system tailored to the client, consisting of a set of tool boxes of different sizes and internal configuration, with a base for transport with wheels.

    We have other metal and polypropylene tool boxes, with and without wheels, that adapt to the needs of each of our clients. This range is completed with our storage drawers, as practical for the industry as for the equipment in automotive workshops.

    We also offer two tool carts, 2 and 6 drawers. The latter is supplied with different configurations depending on the sector it is aimed at, so we include the necessary tool for each case.

    We complete the workshop equipment with benche vices, roller door cabinet, perforated panel and all necessary tool holders. In the case of motorcycle workshops, we have universal front and rear stands, front to align the direction, etc.


    Our lifting range complements our workshop equipment with 2 to 10 ton stands, hydraulic garage jacks, oil-pneumatic jacks, hydraulic cylinder jacks, pit jacks, presses, lifting tables, wheel jack and workshop crane from the best quality on the market.

    Our clients of car body shop facilities and equipment will find scissor trestle, ladders, etc. that complement our range.


    Finally, we highlight our wide variety of portable LED lamps, so versatile and practical for our clients. Special mention for the small pen lamp, the extra-thin case and the Flashlights available in different lumens.