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    Mechanics and Maintenance


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    Gasoline Pipe PVC Pipe

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    Sealing Washers

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    Crankcase Plugs

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    Tyres (Counterweights/Valves and Patches)

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    Exhaust Supports

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    Lubricants Plastic Union

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    Block Plugs

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    O-Rings/ Fairlead Caps

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    Wheel counterweights

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    Tyre Valve core

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    Mechanics / Maintenance

    Blinker's more than 25 years of experience serving clients who are dedicated to vehicle mechanics, has allowed us to develop a catalog with everything necessary for the maintenance of cars, motorcycles, industrial vehicles, etc.

    We take maximum care of the quality of our products, especially in products such as fuel hoses and steering and transmission bellows. Each manufacture is subjected to internal quality controls and external laboratories.

    We have a wide range of crankcase plugs and washers with which we cover all the needs for car maintenance. Our fiber, metal, rubber, copper, injection, aluminum, sealed copper washers and O-rings complete the range for vehicle maintenance and auto mechanics.

    On the other hand, Blinker offers its clients a wide variety of clamps in different qualities, thus covering all their needs.


    We have a wide variety of counterweights for balancing wheels on all types of vehicles: motorcycles, trucks, etc. and the necessary tools for their replacement. We highlight the balancing powder, very practical for trucks and buses that make long journeys.

    Among other products, we have tire mounting paste, reinforced radial patches, round and square patches, patches to repair punctures produced by screws or nails and a wick-type patch for a temporary repair without the need to disassemble the tire.

    Also we have the necessary products for the correct application of these, such as vulcanizing glue cement or the repair cleaner that facilitates and improves bonding.