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    When completing a stay in the hostelary sector, a series of accessories must be properly selected to endow the space with the personality that we want to offer.

    Hostelary accessories

    Our wide range of accessories is mainly intended for hotels, offices or the maintenance sector in general.

    Our clients can find bathroom accessories for hotels and industrial accessories, all of them of great variety, high quality, functional and aesthetic.

    First of all, we highlight products such as hangers, toilet paper holders, shelves, metal soap dishes, toilet brushes, mirrors, dryers, towel rails, accessories (such as kettles, stools, drying rack, scale, bathroom trolley and trays) and luggage racks.

    Second, our clients will be able to find hand dryers, paper / bag dispensers, soap and environmental supplies, baby changing tables and high chairs, shower seats, partition posts, bars, handles and shower bars.

    Will be able to complete this catalog with the cleaning products catalog for the hostelary industry.


    Our products can be made with a multitude of materials such as brass or chrome-plated brass in a gloss finish, stainless steel in a gloss or satin finish and zinc alloy in a chrome finish. Also, a number of our references are made of ABS plastic. Some of our models are sold in black or white lacquer.