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    Automotive Blinker | Everything for professionals in the sector

    The automotive sector is very dynamic and has constantly undergoing changes, so adaptability and innovation in products and services must be a primary goal. At Blinker we apply these values in our processes, which is why professionals from official dealers, brand agents, quick repair centers, tire centers, official agencies, car fleets, free workshops, etc. will find in our solutions, the best allies.


    Something as simple as a screw may seem, is actually a very technical product on which we discharge a great responsibility, as is in many cases the load bearing or fixing of heavy elements or with a certain commitment. This is why, at Blinker, we have a screw for each of the application needs that our automotive customer may have, taking maximum care of quality and providing our hardware catalog with high demands in terms of variety , versatility and development.


    We continuously adapt our range of chemicals to guarantee excellence and provide great products to the most demanding professionals. In the automotive sector, we have a wide range of additives to improve the optimal maintenance of these vehicles. We also have excellent quality products for mechanical repair or maintenance. When it comes to cleaning cars, we offer car body and element cleaners for the exterior and interior of the vehicle.


    Blinker offers a complete range of products, accessories and tools used in the day-to-day of the car body repair shop. Among the body repair products we find the 1HOURTEC range, which includes innovative systems and solutions to get the job done in less time, with low product consumption and a perfect finish.

    There is no point in being a professional and using the best products if we do not have the appropriate tools: masking material, tools and staples. As for the latter, we are internationally recognized for our comprehensive offer. We have most of the clips used to repair practically any vehicle model on the European market.

    Mechanics / maintenance

    Blinker's more than 25 years of experience serving customers who are dedicated to vehicle mechanics, has allowed us to develop a catalog with everything necessary for the maintenance of cars and motorcycles. We also have a wide range of products for the maintenance of the car's electrical system.