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    ​​​​​​​BLINKER BRAND

    At Blinker we have a wide catalog of products designed to meet the needs of our customers with the utmost precision. All our references are manufactured with high quality raw materials and undergo exhaustive internal control, as well as external review in world-renowned laboratories.

    The care we put into our products allows them to meet all specifications and are of exceptional quality.

    Under the Blinker brand, our automotive and industrial vehicle, maintenance, construction, wood, metal, nautical and installer clients will find the highest quality solutions for their daily work. In addition, we provide advice on choosing the most suitable product based on your needs.


    Among Blinker brand products we find a wide range of chemicals to meet the needs of our clients. We stand out adhesives, sealants, glues, cleaners, lubricants, additives, etc. All of them comply with the strictest quality standards, as well as current European regulations:

    • CE marking for construction chemicals.
    • Certificates for products used in the food industry.


    In the Blinker product catalog we offer high-performance tools and consumables for fixing, mounting, cutting and drilling.

    In this category our customers will have, among others, cutting and grinding discs, a wide range of bits and crowns for different materials, step bits, countersinks, saw blades, screws, rivets, clamps, flanges, bulbs, metal fittings and wood, electrodes, etc.

    Productos Consumibles Blinker

    Safety and hygiene

    At Blinker we understand the importance that safety and hygiene have in the daily lives of our clients. Therefore, we have a wide catalog of personal protective equipment.

    We incorporate the latest innovations in the market in gloves, masks, safety shoes, glasses and much more so that professionals in the industrial and automotive sectors can perform their tasks safely and, most importantly, comfortably.

    Also, personal cleaning products have the European register of cosmetic products.

    Seguridad e Higiene Blinker

    Car accessories

    Our automotive and industrial vehicle clients can find in the Blinker product catalog, among others, spare parts for brushes, spare parts for bulbs, bellows, fuses, connectors, terminals, gasoline tubes, automobile staples and supports for exhaust pipes.

    Accessories for Automotive Blinker Professionals