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    Madera Blinker

    The wood sector is one of the main sectors of our sale. It`s an activity in which many and very diverse accessories are necessary. For this reason, in the different sections of our catalog, we take care of the product selection for wood professionals in detail: manufacture and assembly of doors, cabinets and furniture, general carpentry, wood constructions, varnish and lacquers, etc.


    Through our wide range of screws, we provide solutions to the different applications that our clients need, such as kitchen assemblies, hinge placement, assemblies and door machining. The most common coverings within this range are bichromate steel, zinc plated, stainless steel and brass screws.

    Also, within the standard range, the section on staples and nails used with pneumatic nailer guns must be taken into account. Within the wood sector they are very widespread, especially for mounting doors, cabinet interiors, etc. because they reduce the installation time, also provides a well-finished product.


    For woodworking, we offer different solutions in our cutting and drilling catalog, as well as in the abrasives, with roll and belt sandpaper. We also have a multitude of top-quality tools and precision machinery: saws, drills and screwdrivers, among others.

    On the other hand, within our wide range of chemical products, professionals dedicated to the wood sector will be able to find a wide variety of high performance adhesives, sealants and glues that will respond to their needs in terms of connecting materials.

    Wood Fittings

    Finally, the section of wooden fittings, one of the largest in our catalog, is divided into 3 sections: hinges, guides and furniture accesories.

    • Hinges: They are the most used hardware in the furniture sector, especially for wooden      doors. That is why our range is one of the most varied and wide on the market, in order to adapt to any type of furniture that our client needs to make.
    • Guides: Another of the most used accessories in wooden furniture is drawer guides or sliding guides. To cover all the needs, it is essential to have different length measurements, as well as different types depending on the closure that we want the drawer to have.
    • Furniture accesories: Within the last section on furniture accessories, we find the rest of the accessories that can be used within the wood furniture sector.