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    Mantenimiento Blinker

    To satisfy the most demanding needs of the maintenance sector, at Blinker we have high-quality materials that will provide solutions for professionals in-house maintenance of metallurgical, chemical, textile, transformed, energy, food, public buildings, sports facilities, and hotel maintenance, etc.

    Tools and machinery

    We offer a wide range of hand tools for all types of professionals in the maintenance sector and also a wide variety of machines. Regarding these, they can be found differentiated by electric machines, cable and battery, and pneumatic machines.

    Also in our own brand Wählen, we offer our customers machinery from two additional brands: Duss, a very high-quality German manufacturer of electric hammers, and Milwaukee, one of the world's leading manufacturers of electric machines.


    At Blinker we classify our range of anchors according to the type of application, based on greater or less resistance. Thus, we have: low, medium and heavy load anchors and chemical anchors.

    Low load anchors

    Our clients will be able to find the range of wall anchors formed by the nylon plugs. It`s a simple product, but at the same time very technical, since it has a great responsibility: the support. We offer a nylon plug for each of the available applications, with the highest quality of polyamide and having studied each of the applications in order to offer speed and simplicity in installation.

    Medium load anchors

    They are those where greater resistance is needed. They are metallic and will be used in concrete mostly. Within this line we find various types of anchors, all with high technical performance.

    Heavy load anchors

    We have three types of anchors, all of them certified for cracked concrete and developed for the most compromised applications such as complex metal structures in which the forces that must be supported are much higher.

    Chemical anchors

    After many years of development in the field of chemical anchors, and relying on the experience of our customers, we have a range with very high-performance products that have far exceeded the requirements to obtain the necessary European approvals. We offer polyester, epoxy and vinyl based chemical anchors.


    When completing a stay in the hostelary sector, a series of accessories must be properly selected to give the space the personality that we want to offer.

    Our wide range of accessories is mainly intended for hotels, offices or the maintenance sector in general. Our clients can find bathroom accessories for hotels and industrial accessories, all of them of great variety, high quality, functional and aesthetic.