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    We have a wide variety of machines for their various uses, both in the automotive sector: in mechanical workshops, sheet metal and paint workshops, and in any field of industry: construction machinery, machinery for installers, for maintenance, etc.

    In our catalog you can find different product ranges within the machinery section:

    Electric machines:

    They are all machines that run on electrical energy, both cable and battery. In this section we can find drills, grinders, miter saws, screwdrivers, sanders, mixers ...

    Pneumatic machines:

    We have a complete and very high quality range in this section. We can find impact wrenches, which range from ¼ ""to 1"", covering a wide range of needs, latest generation pneumatic ratchets, sanders with self-aspiration of different orbits. Grinders, saws, drills, screwdrivers ...


    A side from our own Wählen brand, we offer our clients machinery from two additional brands.


    German manufacturer of very high quality in electric hammers. Rotary hammers, from 2J to 11J of power (7 different models for different jobs). Chipping hammers from 3.6j to 26j of impact energy (other 7 models). With advanced RVA anti-vibration technology. We can also find in the catalog the diamond core drills, for drilling large diameters. All these machines are focused on the construction sector.


    One of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical machines. Above all, its wide range of cordless tools, in which we can always find the latest technology with unbeatable performance. Great variety of machines for all kinds of jobs both in the automotive sector and in industry.