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    Blinker construction | Everything for professionals in the sector

    To satisfy the most demanding needs of the construction sector, at Blinker we have high quality materials that will provide solutions to professionals such as painters, stucco workers, construction companies, renovation, insulation, roofing, precast concrete, plasterwork, public works, etc.

    Construction materials

    In our facilities we house a very complete building materials warehouse. In it, our clients can find all the construction tools for this sector: flat pallets, shovels, buckets, hammers, maces, pots, chisels, pointers, formwork levers, shears, etc.

    We have accessories such as plastics for flooring, fiberglass meshes for the execution of mortar and plaster, canvases, irrigation hose, etc. Also, we have a duo leveling system for stoneware and marble floorings that achieve ideal flatness and quick execution for pavers.

    To complete our range of construction materials, we have a range for painters in which we have painter's paper, masking tape, protective film with tape, etc.

    Construction machinery

    Blinker offers construction machinery. We have a wide range of the German manufacturer Duss, with high-quality machines, such as drill hammer, a chisels and holes hammer, a break and demolition hammer, diamont core drills, among others. We highlight our professional tile cutters and our wall chaser, serving our customers with high quality products from our Wahlen brand.

    Safety and Hygiene

    We must cover safety, health and hygiene at work in all aspects. In our catalog we include all the personal protection equipment that is necessary for the perfect protection of the worker, to be able to avoid work accidents and minimize user risks. Safety and hygiene are crucial for professionals. Our EPIS are distributed by sections: head, body or hands.

    Measuring equipment

    Our clients will be able to find aluminum squares, digital angle meters and levels of a great variety, both analog and digital, widely used in the construction sector, as well as distance meters, laser thermometers, line levels, rotation laser level and a great variety of tripods that adapt to our products.