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    Blinker's welding range includes equipment and consumables, as well as chemicals required for welding work.

    Welding equipment

    Professionals in the metal, automotive, maintenance, installers and electronics sectors will find in our catalog two pieces of equipment for electric welding. Both are top quality and have a fairly high running factor: 

    • 170A Inverter Equipment
    • 200A Multi Equipment. It allows welding with different processes, TIG, MIG MAG and MMA or welding with a coated electrode. The multi equipment is very compact and versatile, since it allows to carry out the three most important welding processes.

    Beside these equipments, for soft welding we have torches of various types and a gas welder. The latter serves as a stripper and as a blowtorch.

    Likewise, we have the chemical products required for these welding works, such as anti-spatter strippers for welding, protection treatments, etc.


    On the other hand, in our welding catalog, professionals can find consumables that leave a very good weld finish. All comply with UNE-EN ISO regulations. The range of diameters and size, both of electrodes and of coils of wire, cover the basic needs of our clients.

    Blinker consumables for soldering are tin-lead, tin-silver coils and tin rods. Regarding brazing, we have the following coated electrodes:

    • For MMA welding: basic (7018), rutile gold series (6013) for carbon steels and 316L electrodes for stainless steel.
    • For TIG processes: tungsten, gray and green electrodes, and filler rods, for ER 70 S-6 carbon steel, for 308 and 316 LSI stainless steel and for 4043 and 5356 aluminum.
    • For MIG-MAG Welding: we have wire spools in 15 Kg format, for ER 70 S6 carbon steels and for AISI 308 LSI Inox.