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    The metal sector is one of our main sectors. It`s an activity in which very diverse materials are necessary for the development of the activity. For this reason, in the different sections of our catalog, we choose carefully the product selection for metal professionals like for:

    • locksmiths,
    • aluminum carpenters,
    • boilermakers,
    • turners,
    • machinery manufacturers,
    • metal structure craftsmen,
    • manufacturers of signs and signage
    • etc.


    The Blinker standard range contains one of the widest catalogs of screws in the market. The metal range is divided into two main families:

    • sheet metal screws
    • sheet drill bit screws.

    In both cases, there are many types of srews that we supply and that are directly related to the type of installation to be carried out.

    Cut and drill

    At Blinker we have a wide range of products for cutting and drilling that cover all the needs of our clients. We can divide our cutting and grinding discs depending on the material on which we are going to apply it. Thus, we distinguish between cutting and grinding discs for: stainless steel and non-ferrous materials (aluminum, bronze and copper).


    Blinker's welding range includes equipment and consumables, as well as chemicals required for welding work.

    Professionals in the metal sector will find in our catalog top quality electric welding equipment. Also, for soft welding we have blowtorches of various types and a gas welder. We also have the chemical products required for these welding jobs.

    On the other hand, professionals can find consumables that leave a very good weld finish. All comply with UNE-EN ISO regulations. The range of diameters and size, both of electrodes and of coils of wire, cover the basic needs of our clients.

    Metal hardware

    Metal fittings are essential accessories for metalwork and locksmiths.

    Within this range we distinguish two lines:

    • line dedicated to the placement of glass (includes the insulation products).
    • line dedicated to metal doors (where we offer a multitude of hinges).

    In the insulation line, we have a complete range of glass wedges, in different thicknesses and widths. Also within this same line, our clients will be able to find necessary and indispensable polyethylene separators for the transport of glass.

    In our second line, we find metal hardware for furniture or locksmith doors. The bolts are the metal fittings that are used to form hinges inside the metalwork. We offer a wide range of weldable pins to adapt to the needs of our client, which in many cases can be different depending on the work to be done.