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    We offer a wide range of hand tools for all types of professionals, from the automotive sector to industrial sectors.

    Our clients will be able to find specific tools from specialized sectors such as carpentry, masonry and construction tools.

    In general, we have the following sections:

    Screwdrivers and bits

    We have an extensive range of bits of various sizes and shapes, all of high quality made with the most resistant steels, as well as diamond and titanium bits, more special.

    We can find screwdriver sets, both isolated for the electrician and of various types for the mechanic.


    Fixed or double-ended wrenches, combination wrenches, impact wrenches, angle wrenches, socket wrenches, etc. A great variety that allows us to carry out all the necessary work. All of them made of high quality chrome vanadium steels, passing the most demanding DIN and AISI tests and regulations.


    Manufactured with the highest quality materials with an ergonomic design and designed for continuous professional work. We can find a varied selection for different fields:

    • Automotive: with pliers for clamps, circlip, etc
    • Plumbing: with stillson wrenches, groove joint,etc.
    • Electricity: pliers for the VDE electrician
    • Maintenance in general: with universal pliers, diagonal cut, flat mouth, etc.
    • Construction: with wire cutters, shears, etc.

    Socket wrenches

    With sizes from: 1/4 , 3/8 , 1/2 , 3/4 , 1 , 1-1 / 2 and 2 .

    6 and 12 sided chrome vanadium sockets with hand ratchets and impact wrench sockets in various sizes. We also have ratchet sets of all sizes.

    We have extensions, joints and adapters that will make it easier to get to difficult places.

    We can find impact wrenches for wheel rims that avoid marking the same and wrenches for the extraction of broken screws, essential in the workshop.

    Hammer tools

    We offer ball hammers, formwork hammers and carpenter hammers with wooden handles and two-component handles, square hammers up to 600 gr, pots and picks for the construction sector.

    We also have drills, chisels and cold cutters, as well as metal levers.

    Other tools

    Our clients will be able to find half-round, triangular, parallel and round files for fine and thick roughing works.

    We have a specific section for the electrician with terminal clamps or crimpers, razors, cable glands and a wide selection of VDE tools. We also have an electrician's briefcase in which to find the basics for the trade.

    As for the tooling for automotive, we offer extractors of various types, two and three legs, hydraulic, interior and exterior and a wide variety of tools necessary for the proper maintenance and repair of our vehicle.

    As for more special tools, we have ATEX certified anti-spark tools, with which we can work in explosive environments with the best guarantees.

    We also have an ESD tool for electronics that prevent the creation of static electricity, keeping electronic circuits safe.

    Finally, in application guns, we can find the basic applicators necessary for chemical products. In 310ml cartridge and 600ml bag, manual and pneumatic.