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    Measuring Equipment

    Vernier Caliper and Micrometers

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    Metric Tapes

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    Laser Systems

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    Measurement Angles/Levels and Telescopic Ruler

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    Torque Control

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    Inspection Equipment

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    Jars and Funnels

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    Various Testers

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    Measuring equipment

    At Blinker we have a wide variety of measuring equipment to service and cover all the needs of our clients. We offer high quality industrial measuring instruments among which we find:

    Callipers and micrometers

    We have analog and digital callipers, of different material such as steel or carbon fiber and depth calliper.

    Our precision micrometers offer a wide range of possibilities: analog, digital, indoor, outdoor, etc. that allow us to accurately measure the desired thickness.

    Also our catalog consists of a comparator clock to measure the roundness of objects, measuring callipers, as well as measuring and verification instruments in industrial mechanics to verify thickness when machining parts.

    Tape measures

    Our range has three types of tape measures:

    • Magnetic: its characterized by having a magnet on the nail that helps in measurements on metallic materials,
    • Stainless: indicated for the marble workers sector since it does not rust
    • Conventional measuring tape: for those who do not need the above characteristics.

    Our tapes measure lengths from 10 to 50 meters, divided into two ranges: one with a metal box and the other with a handle. For the clients who needs to measure long distances, we have an analog odometer that can measure routes of up to 10,000m.

    Angle measure, squares and levels

    Our clients will be able to find aluminum squares, digital measuring angles and levels of great variety, both analog and digital, widely used in the metal, wood, construction, etc. sector.

    Laser System

    We offer distance meters, laser thermometers, line levels, rotation laser level and a wide variety of tripods that adapt to our products to give a great service to the sector of construction, food, maintenance, etc.

    Torque control

    Wide variety of torque wrench range covering the vast majority of most common tightening torques. Reversible with torque selector.

    Inspection equipment

    We complete our catalog, providing it with great variety and quality, with: jugs, funnels and various testers such as digital multimeter, pocket multimeter, metal detector, wood and high voltage lines, humidity detector in wood and buildings, current measure air meter, lux meter, noise meter, paint layer thickness meter, etc.