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    Frequent Questions

    How can I get an interview with Blinker?

    We publish our job offers on employment portals and our website has a section where you can upload your CV.

    How is the selection process in Blinker?

    During the interview process we are interested in your education, work experience and career goals.

    What advice would we give to interview candidates?

    We recommend candidates to read about our company, to be punctual and to be calm.

    What benefits does Blinker offer?

    All our employees have an employment contract and receive training for their jobs. And also, sales staff are provided with the necessary tools for the job.

    Does Blinker offer training?

    At Blinker we offer specific training to all our employees according to their job position. Quality training is guaranteed.

    What are Blinker working hours?

    Working hours depend on the employee's position.

    How are the working environment and company culture like?

    We work every day to make Blinker the best place to work. The satisfaction of all our employees is essential to us.

    What is the dress code at Blinker?

    Dress code is casual and professional.

    Is it possible to work from home?

    Our policy depends on the job, but we are always looking for measures to promote work-life balance.

    How much does a Blinker salesman earns?

    Sales staff receive a fixed salary + a variable part depending on their sales, as well as social benefits.

    On the other hand, we offer our sales staff training and the necessary tools for their work (possibility of company car, mobile phone, expenses included, tablet and fuel payment).