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    Blinker offers a complete range of products, accessories and tools used in the day-to-day of the body repair shop, both in the automotive and industrial vehicle sectors.

    Car Body chemicals

    In our catalog you will find the necessary chemicals for any body repair, they stand out for their variety, quality and performance:

    • Body filler (spray and gun aplications),
    • polyester putties for major damage or touch-ups,
    • HS and UHS lacquers with high gloss and durability,
    • two-component adhesives (available with different cure rates to suit any repair that needs to be done)
    • the under body coating product with high covering power and fast drying.

    Polishes are also important products for this type of repair. We have a simple and very effective range to cover any workshop need.

    1HOURTEC range

    Among the body repair products we find the 1HOURTEC range, which includes innovative systems and solutions to get the job done in less time, with low product consumption and a perfect finish.

    For example, headlight restoration systems, windshield repair, UV curing products for extremely fast repairs, products for repair and restoration of plastics inside and outside the vehicle, among other innovative solutions.

    Bodywork accessories

    It is worth noting the complete range of masking material available in this section, which includes both conventional and high-performance products.

    Blinker has one of the most complete ranges of clamps and fastening systems used in the vehicle body on the market.

    There is no point in being a professional and using the best products if we do not have the right tools, such as efficient paint removers, spatulas for each type of product, professional guns for applying fillers and lacquers, long-lasting sandpaper, etc.