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    Metal fittings are essential accessories for metalwork and locksmiths. Within this range we distinguish two lines, one is the line dedicated to the placement of glass, which includes the insulation products and another dedicated to metal doors, where we offer a multitude of hinges.


    In the line of insulation, we have a complete range of glass blocks, in different thicknesses and widths, both single and double, so that the glazier or carpenter can adapt the glass inside the carpentry.

    Furthermore, we recently added an assortment of glazing blocks in which the glazier can quickly and easily have any block he needs. Also within this same line, our clients will be able to find necessary and indispensable polyethylene separators for the transport of glass.


    In our second line, we find metal hardware for furniture or locksmith doors. We offer a wide range of weld-on studs, from nickel-plated, stainless steel, short-blade or long-blade, with brass washer or thrust bearing. All this in order to adapt to the needs of our client, which in many cases can be different depending on the work to be done.

    The studs are the metal fittings that are used to form hinges inside the metalwork. Also within our range, the shovel studs manage to reduce the contribution of welding material, saving labor and costs to our clients.