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    Wooden fittings

    The wood sector is one of the main sectors of our sale. It`s an activity in which many and very diverse accessories are necessary. For this reason the section of wooden fittings is one of the largest in our catalog. In it we are going to distinguish 3 sections: hinges, guides and furniture accessories.


    They are the most widely used hardware in the furniture sector, especially for wooden doors. For this reason, our range is one of the most varied and wide-ranging on the market, in order to adapt to any type of furniture that our client needs to make.

    We have straight, angled and super-elbow hinges for 35mm and 26mm cups, the latter being widely used in bathroom furniture. We also have our entire range in various types of base closure, standard closure, SLIDE ON closure or SOFT CLOSE or damped closure. Our hinges are certified with more than 80,000 opening cycles.


    Another of the most used accessories in wooden furniture are drawer guides or sliding guides. To cover all the needs, it`s essential to have different length measurements, as well as different types depending on the closure we want the drawer to have. Thus, our range covers from the standard guides, the sliding ball guides or the hidden ones, whether they are total, partial or different types of closure: soft close, push or normal.

    Furniture accessories

    Within the last section of furniture accessories, we find the rest of the accessories that can be used within the wood furniture sector. Supports for blanks, shock absorbers, cabinet tubes or adhesive caps. Assembly plates or brackets are also included within this section and are those wood joining hardware that we use when assembling boards or planks. Also, they are used within the construction sector as hardware for small wooden structures.