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    1HOURTEC is the BLINKER product line developed to carry out ultra-quick repairs of small and medium-sized damage of Paint, Sheet, Windshield, Plastics, Headlights, Dashboards, Upholstery and leather surfaces and Fabrics, alloy wheels and other affected elements for minor damages related to the daily use of the car.

    Immediate application solutions for repairs that currently represent more than 70% of business in sheet metal and paint shops and vehicle maintenance. A revolution for professionals who, thanks to 1HOURTEC, are able to reduce working time and offer their customers much more profitable and effective answers.

    1hourtec header image| 1Hourtec

    A technological revolution

    1HOURTEC products, included in the S.M.A.R.T. (Small & Medium Area Repair Technology), are changing all the repair concepts of elements linked to the car's aesthetics. This is possible thanks to the evolution of materials with regard to application and drying times in small areas.

    The high demand for these services by professionals means that there is already a new generation of technicians and workshops specialized in the application of these products throughout Europe, with excellent results and new business opportunities at all levels.

    Bodywork, sheet metal and paint

    1HOURTEC is especially useful for quickly repairing the typical scratches, dents and damages to the paintwork or sheet of the car. Thanks to ultra-fast drying ultraviolet technology, repairing the sheet using the range of UV products is possible in less than an hour, saving time and products.

    Currently, small paintwork repairs require complex organization and the immobilization of the vehicle for a long time.

    With the Ultraviolet product line, the quick-drying UHS varnishes (do not need additional mechanical heat) it is possible to change the work routines of these repairs, providing greater comfort to customers, increasing the capacity and speed of work for the workshop.

    A new dimension that will increase customer visits and the ability to generate business in bodyshops.

    The polishing and shining kit allows all the polishing and shining work to be carried out on both new and more deteriorated bodies.

    Interior restoration

    1HOURTEC has products for repairing fabric and leather upholstery, avoiding the replacement of covers and upholstery for seats, doors, etc. These applications solve a classic car aesthetic problem that forever affects the perception of vehicle quality. The results are spectacular, repairing burns and tears by applying new powdered velvet fibers and repairing worn areas, tears and minor damage to leather upholstery with a simple and quick application.

    The same 1HOURTEC working system is applicable plastics, steering wheels and dashboards that are broken, torn, worn, etc. The application of these products perfectly reconstructs the damaged element in record time, less than the time for replacing the part. This way, the disassembly and subsequent replacement of the dashboard is avoided, avoiding problems with noise, panel lights, placement of airbags, etc. They are applicable to elements located both outside and inside the vehicle, managing to reproduce textures and finishes perfectly.

    Dashboards, steering wheels and plastic elements like new

    steering wheels like new_beforeAfter repair Flywheels | 1Hourtec

    Repairing vinyl door panels, steering wheels, plastics and other vehicle interior elements, as well as all exterior plastics, was almost impossible to carry out and was a major disadvantage when selling the used vehicle.

    1HOURTEC solves these problems with products that repair and perfectly reproduce the finish of these surfaces.

    Repair of vehicle interior plastics_beforePlastic repair vehicle interiors (after) | 1Hourtec

    Thanks to the extraordinary quality of the products used, these same techniques can be used to repair plastic elements on the vehicle's exterior, such as rear-view mirrors, moldings, bumpers, etc., restoring its original appearance.

    Leather and fabric upholstery: simple and effective

    The meticulous combination of fibers allows us to reproduce damaged fabrics, replacing the damaged fibers with new ones.

    The restoration of the leather prevents its replacement, giving a perfect final finish to the seats, armrests, headrests, etc...

    The repair is solid, durable and almost imperceptible, managing to restore the aesthetic appearance of the affected area.

    Velor upholstery and cuero_antes | 1HourtecUpholsterías de Velour and leather_drespues | 1Hourtec

    Outdoor Restoration

    Repairing laminated glass also enters a new dimension thanks to the 1HOURTEC technology. The typical scratches and cracks in laminated glass now have a simple and quick solution with our resin with UV drying, which avoids glass replacement and its high costs.

    1HOURTEC also offers the possibility to repair damage, cracks and scratches on alloy wheels. The image and aesthetics of alloy wheels make owners the firsts to try to restore the splendor lost by using the vehicle. This application is especially useful on high-end vehicles, where image is a basic component of their marketing.

    1HOURTEC technology offers us several fast and effective systems to remove yellowing from headlights and restore their original appearance

    Headlamps: restores transparency and shine

    Restoration of headlights (before) | 1HourtecForeign restoration (after) | 1Hourtec

    Headlamp restoration systems allow us to quickly remove yellowing from the headlamps and achieve a long-lasting glossy finish by applying special spray varnishes or a hot-applied liquid polymer that makes the headlamps look like new.

    Windshield: Windshield as new

    The repair of laminated windows allows great savings, since with the Laminated Glass Repair Kit we can repair typical breaks, avoiding all the costs associated with replacing the window.

    Reparación de Lunas 1Hourtec_antesReparación de Lunas 1Hourtec_despues

    Wheels: spectacular finish

    Repair of 1hourtec tires (before) | 1HourtecRepair of 1hourtec tires (after) | 1Hourtec

    The wheel restoration process allows you to eliminate small scratches and damage and recover the desired wheel color thanks to the spectacular range of spray paints and protective varnishes offered by the 1HOURTEC system.

    Tailored to your needs

    1HOURTEC introduces a great revolution to the products and equipment traditionally used in body repair. A range made up of the latest advances in fast bodywork, which offers the most profitable and specialized results.

    1HOURTEC is designed for all professionals dedicated to automotive repair and maintenance, who wish to expand their business opportunities in terms of profitability and results using SMART REPAIR technology.

    Blinker's 1HOURTEC is studied to adapt it self to the needs of all our clients. If your working space is limited, you can find different kits available in single-function or multi-function independent cases. For more details on the offer of 1 HOURTEC products, consult our Commercial Customer Service.