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    The Blinker screws range contains one of the widest catalogs of hardware on the market. We have more than 7,000 hardware references, classified according to their application:

    • Metric screws
    • Wood screws
    • Screws for metal

    Metric screws

    Within this family of metric screws, we offer almost all the coatings, qualities and DIN necessary in the branch of industrial screws.

    We can find from the most common screws, such as Allen screws DIN 912 or DIN 7991, hexagonal screws, such as DIN 933 or 931 and also special screws, such as fine pitch or stainless.

    Wood screws

    We provide solutions to the different applications that require precision hardware, such as kitchen assemblies, hinge placement, assemblies and door machining.

    The most common coatings within this range are bichromate steel, zinc plated, stainless steel and brass hardware.

    Tapping Thread Screws

    This range is divided into two main families: sheet metal screws and drill bit screws. In both cases, there are many types of hardware that we supply and that are directly related to the type of installation to be carried out.

    The most common applications for this type of hardware are the union of sheets in bodywork or in industry, placement of license plates, hardware for wheel rim and other automotive elements, hardware for aluminum or PVC carpentry.

    Something as simple as a screw may seem, is actually a very technical product on which we discharge a great responsibility, as is in many cases the load bearing or fixing of heavy elements or with a certain commitment. This is why, at Blinker, we have a screw for each of the application needs that our client may have, taking maximum care of quality and providing our hardware catalog with high demands in terms of variety, versatility and development.


    In the standard section, we have a wide range of rivets for joining sheets together, both in the Industry and Automotive sectors. In this family, rivets are also fasteners that need very elaborate technical development, since the load capacity they support is high.

    The range includes, in addition to standard rivets, flower and multigrip rivets for plastics, structural or watertight rivets, with high performance or that prevent the passage of water.

    Staples and nails

    Finally, within the standard range, the section on staples and nails used with pneumatic nailer guns must be taken into account.

    Within the wood sector, they are very widespread, especially for the assembly of doors, cabinet interiors, etc. because they reduce the installation time, also improving the finish.