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    At Blinker we classify our range of anchors according to the type of application, based on greater or less resistance. We can find:

    - low load anchors,

    - mediun load anchors,

    - heavy load anchors and

    - chemical anchors.

    Low load anchors

    Our clients will be able to find the range of wall anchors formed by the nylon plugs. It`s a simple product, but at the same time very technical, since it has a great responsibility: the support.

    We offer a nylon plug for each of the available applications, they are developed to be used in hollow brick, solid brick, block, concrete, stone, masonry, etc.

    All this, with the highest quality of polyamide and having studied each of the applications to be able to offer speed and simplicity in installation.

    We can also find a wide variety of anchors for the installation of plasterboard, such as:

    • the threaded metal plugs,
    • the nailing plugs,
    • the Spring toggle,

    All of them will be used to make fixings in the plasterboard, such as lighting, decoration, etc.

    Medium load anchors

    They are those where greater resistance is needed. They are metallic and will be used in concrete mostly. These are applications with higher resistance needs, such as the fastening of plumbing or electricity installations, light metal structures, false ceilings, locksmiths, among others.

    Within this line we find various types of anchors, all of them with high technical benefits, such as metal anchors with screws, threaded anchors, metal anchors, brass anchors or female anchors.

    Heavy load anchors

    We have three types of anchors, all of them certified for cracked concrete and developed for the most compromised applications such as complex metal structures, installation of signs, lifelines, etc. in which the forces that must be supported are much higher.

    Chemical anchors

    After many years of development in the field of chemical anchors, and relying on the experience of our clients, we have a range with very high-performance products that have far exceeded the requirements to obtain the necessary European approvals.

    We offer chemical anchors based on polyester, epoxy and vinyl