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    Safety and Hygiene

    Blinker offers solutions for hygiene at work that adapt to all needs with a range of products of the highest quality and efficiency. Our products comply with the highest quality standards and have the necessary approvals and certificates.

    Hand higiene

    One of the best valued products by our clients is Blinker handwash paste, which has exceptional properties. It allows you to clean any type of grease or dirt embedded in the professionals' skin without irritating or damaging it. We also have several handwash pastes with natural components, free of plastics to take care of the environment.

    The hand cleaning products are available in gel and paste. We have available a fantastic gel to remove paints from the hands and a protection cream in case of working without gloves. Within this range of hygiene or cleaning, we also find cleaning wipes, ideal for cleaning dirt from the hands, as well as tools when running water is not available.


    On the other hand, our security range is one of the most important in our catalog. We must cover safety, health and hygiene at work in all aspects. In it we include all the personal protection equipment that is necessary for the perfect protection of the worker, to be able to avoid work accidents and minimize user risks. Safety and hygiene are crucial for professionals.


    Our EPIS are distributed by sections, whether for the protection of the head, body or hands. In the latter we have a unique specialization, offering a glove for each type of job. From chemical protection gloves, such as our entire range of disposable gloves, to gloves protecting against mechanical risks: welding gloves, anti-cut gloves, etc.

    We also think about the presence of the worker in risky environments and we can find respiratory protection equipment such as our disposable masks or our semi-compact mask. To protect in height situations we have a range of harness and belt.

    Our range of protective footwear gives the worker freedom of movement and flexibility, they are also ultralight and breathable shoes, with non-slip soles and S1, S1P and S3 degree of protection. One of our most outstanding products is the Worktech gel insole, designed to be 100% breathable, 100% dry and odor-free. Prevents joint discomfort that occurs in long working hours.