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    Abrasive Discs

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    Sandpaper in Roll

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    We have a wide range of abrasives to serve our clients. We can differentiate between:

    • abrasive discs
    • sandpaper in roll
    • sandpaper belt


    Abrasive discs

    Our entire range is a benchmark in the industrial and automotive sectors, to which we offer a wide variety of abrasive discs:


    • Velcro abrasive discs

    Indicated for the sanding of varnishes and paints, in diameter 150mm, 125mm and 77mm. On film or paper support, with different perforations and grains, adapting to the client's needs depending on the plate available.


    In this range, it`s worth highlighting our 150mm diameter sandpaper disc, which do not soak and gives a greater performance. We offer our clients different plates, sponges and emery discs that allow a perfect job.


    • Abrasive flap discs

    It`s one of the benchmarks in our range for its great quality and variety. Mainly used for abrasion, roughing, sanding and paint removal operations on metals.


    We have silicon carbide (for glass), corundum (for steel), zirconium (for stainless steel and steel) and ceramic (for stainless steel, steel and higher performance) blades. We also offer fiber-backed and nylon-backed sheet abrasives that avoid scratching the surface to be treated.


    Regarding the disposition of the blades, our clients will find inclined (abrasive disc blades corner) and conventional. All these discs with different diameters and grains that the market demands, adjusting to the professional's tool.


    • Fiber abrasive discs

    Another very outstanding abrasive disc is our fiber disc, available in different diameters and corundum abrasive grains, allowing abrasion on large surfaces. To be used, we need the rubber plate in its different diameters for the grinder or with the plate support of the sander.


    On the other hand, we offer sanding discs that allow us to work stainless steel: the pyramidal polishing disc for roughing and polishing; and the eraser disc to remove any scratches that may have been left.


    • Nylon abrasive discs

    Finally, we must highlight our nylon abrasive discs for both drill and grinder. Available in two versions, the high-performance silicon carbide blacks and its improved version in red with a new generation ceramic abrasive, which doubles the performance of the previous ones. They are used for the removal of rust on steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.


    Sandpaper in roll and belt sandpaper

    Our range of abrasives is completed with the sandpaper rolls:

    • for manual sanding in sheet metal and paint workshops,
    • with foam for sanding putties, paints, etc.
    • wood in different grains and bandwidth.


    Finally, we offer belt sandpaper for the air belt sander of different sizes for metal and wood, guaranteeing optimum abrasion.