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    At Blinker we have a wide variety of electrical equipment to provide service and cover all the needs of our clients.

    Electricity supplements

    Within this section we can find the following products:

    • High-performance, long-lasting lithium and alkaline batteries.
    • Flanges in different formats and measures that cover the demand and need of our client, as well as all the electrical accessories for connection, plugs and flanges bases that exist in the market. We highlight our highly demanded flanges for food industry.

    Industrial electrical equipment

    We highlight its great variety:

    • Terminals: insulated, non-insulated, heat shrinkable, special, faston sleeves, ground terminal, tubular ground terminal, tubular sleeves, connectors, etc. and all the necessary tools for crimp.
    • Great variety of fuses: micro, mini, medium, maxi, resettable, japan, midi, mega, fuses with LEDs, fuse boxes, etc.
    • Multitude of cables: unipolar, parallel, bicolor, ground cable, etc. and wire strippers.
    • Installation sleeves for cable protection: simple, helical, corrugated tube, shrinkable sleeves, braided sleeve, etc.
    • Power strips: connection, wire and unipolar power strips that complement our electrical equipment.

    Automotive electrical accessories

    We offer our clients a wide variety of automotive battery terminals and safety disconnects; starter cables and starter clips; A.A maintenance kit, o-rings, spring lock fittings, charging hoses, and quick-fittings for air conditioning. We also have caps and valve plugs.

    On the other hand, we highlight our electricity measurement equipment: universal voltaje tester, digital multimeter and acdc clamp for a wide variety of electrical work.

    To complete our range, we have a lighting section where we offer our customers products such as downlights, fixed and tilting rings, waterproof screens and different types of high-quality LED lamps.