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    Car accessories

    Within the automotive sector, there are many divisions in which we provide solutions through our products: mechanics, bodywork, industrial vehicles, etc. Below, we present those related to auto accessories.

    Wiper Blades

    When the wiper begins to lose efficiency, there are two options: replace the squeegee rubber or purchase the complete wiper blade. At Blinker, our clients will find these two solutions. First of all, the four references of squeegee rubber replacement available in our catalog cover the vast majority of models on the market, as they are compatible with the main brands.

    Furthermore, they are easy to assemble as they do not require the use of specific tools. On the other hand, we offer complete wiper blades, for automobiles and for industrial vehicles, in measures ranging from 33cm to 100cm. They are universal and compatible with most car and industrial vehicle models on the market.

    Light bulbs

    We have a wide variety of bulbs to satisfy all the lighting needs of the automobile or industrial vehicle. Our halogen range consists on three main sections:

    • UV Test: it is the most usual model.
    • All weather: even in the worst weather conditions, this type of bulb achieves higher performance in terms of visibility.
    • Long duration: it provides us with improved durability.


    We also offer any necessary bulb for the vehicle: from low beam and high beam (h7, h4, h5, hb3, hb4, h9, h1), to side turn signal wedge or wedge lights WY5W, W5W, T4W, W3W; going through stop bulbs, fog light bulbs, reversing light bulbs and position light bulbs.

    For the interior of the car we have 12V bulbs, as well as 24V bulbs for industrial vehicles. Finally, in Xenon technology we have the three most common models: D1S, D2S and D2R.