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    Industrial Vehicle

    Air Brake System

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    Electrical System

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    Lashing sistems/ Safety

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    Industrial Vehicle Accessories

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    Couplings VIN

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    Industrial Vehicle

    In our catalog you will find a wide variety of replacement parts and spare parts for industrial vehicles, from items for the vehicle's braking system, which includes all the necessary fittings for the installation and maintenance of the truck's pneumatic system, as well as the necessary intake kits for testing MOT and teclan hoses and couplings.

    In the electrical system section we find a wide variety of coils, bases and plugs for the electrical connection of the truck.

    We have a wide variety of pilots, side markers, rotating beacons and signaling plates, all manufactured with high-quality materials and approved and certified for use with the greatest guarantees.

    For the stowage and lifting of loads we can find in our catalog slings, tie-down kits for pillars and partitions to hold loads.

    In the car body section we have compulsory approved spray flaps, as well as rubber protection articles, rollers and long rubbers of various sizes. We also find tachograph discs and thermal paper for digital tachographs.

    In the agriculture section we have grids, golondrina roof and reversible grids, made of the highest quality steel.