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    At Blinker we offer a wide range of chemical products to meet the needs of our clients. We provide solutions to large professional sectors, such as automotive, industrial vehicle, maintenance, wood, metal, construction and installers. We continuously adapt our range of chemicals to guarantee excellence and provide great products to the most demanding professionals.

    Within our extensive range of chemical products, professionals dedicated to the automotive and industrial sectors will be able to find a wide variety of high performance adhesives, sealants and glues that will respond to their material bonding needs. Also, they may have multifunctional cleaners and other specific cleaners for different applications, as well as basic and high-performance lubricants for all their jobs.

    Chemicals for the automotive and industrial sector

    In the automotive and industrial vehicle sector, we have a wide range of additives to improve the optimal maintenance of these vehicles. We also have excellent quality products for mechanical repair or maintenance, such as brake disc cleaner, joint marker, fuel or oil additives, radiator antifreeze, etc. Continuing with the repair, our clients will be able to acquire chemicals to fully repair car body damage (polyester putties, fillers and lacquers). When it comes to cleaning cars, we offer car body and element cleaners for the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

    In the specific case of the industrial sector, our clients have a wide variety of construction chemicals such as waterproofing, concrete additives, etc.

    Product Development

    Finally, in order to satisfy the most demanding needs, our team of engineers has developed the InnovaPro range of products. To achieve innovative products that provide a performance bonus, we collaborate through strategic alliances with leading institutions and companies in the sectors in which we operate.

    Quality seal

    Blinker's products comply with the strictest quality standards, as well as current European regulations:

    • CE marking for construction chemicals.
    • European registry of cosmetic products.
    • Certificates for products used in the food industry.