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    Wahlen by Blinker

    Wählen Brand

    In Blinker we select the best products on the market, caring in detail the composition of their materials so that, together with technological innovation, the result of the Wählen brand comes accompanied by robustness, resistance, safety and comfort.

    To obtain exceptional quality, all our references are subject to exhaustive internal control, as well as external review in world-renowned laboratories. 

    Under the Wählen brand, our clients of automotive and industrial vehicle, maintenance, construction, wood, metal, nautical and installer, will find the highest quality solutions for their daily work. In addition, we provide advice on choosing the most suitable product based on your needs.


    We offer a wide range of hand tools for all types of professionals, from the automotive sector to industrial sectors. The Wählen tool is designed to offer high performance and to be as light as possible, always complying with current international regulations.

    Wählen tools include screwdrivers and bits, wrenches, pliers, tool sets, striking tools, non-sparks, etc.


    We have a wide variety of Wählen machines for their various needs in the automotive industry: in mechanical workshops, sheet metal and paint workshops, and as well in any field of industry: construction machinery, machinery for installers, for maintenance, etc.

    Our clients will find:

    • Electric machines: all machines that run on electrical energy, both cable and battery. In this section we can find drills, grinders, miter saws, screwdrivers, sanders, mixers ...


    • Pneumatic machines: we have a complete and very high quality range in this section. We can find impact wrenches, latest generation pneumatic ratchets, sanders with auto-aspiration of different orbits, grinders, saws, drills, screwdrivers, etc.
    Tools for professionals »Blinker


    Professionals in the metal, automotive, maintenance, installers and electronics sectors will find in our catalog for soft welding: torches of various types and a gas welder. The latter serves as a heatguns and as a blowtorch.

    On the other hand, the Wählen consumables for soldering are tin-lead, tin-silver rolls and tin sticks. They all leave a very good weld finish and comply with UNE-EN ISO regulations.

    Wahlen Professional Welding Equipment

    The latest in equipment

    Under the Wählen brand we have a wide variety of measuring equipment to serve and cover all the needs of our clients. We offer high quality industrial measuring instruments among which we find: callipers and micrometers, metric tapes, angle measurement, torque control and inspection equipment, among others.

    For our automotive and industrial vehicle clients, Wählen offers a wide range of very competitive workshop equipment products such as trolleys and tool boxes, benches, stands and tables, lifting, lamps, etc.

    Equipment for Wahlen professionals