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    Cut and drill

    At Blinker we have a wide range of products for cutting and drilling that cover all the needs of our clients. We can divide our cutting and grinding discs depending on the material on which we are going to apply it. Thus, we distinguish between cutting and grinding discs for:

    • Stainless steeL
    • Non-ferrous materials: aluminum, bronze and copper
    • Natural or artificial stone

    All of them guarantee a clean cut and an excellent finish.

    Diamond discs

    Within the cutting discs, we offer a very complete range of diamond discs of different diameters, optimal for any type of application, such as work, asphalt, marble and porcelain, tile, concrete, etc.

    We highlight, on one hand, our multi-power diamond blade capable of cutting any type of material avoiding the change of blade on the machine, very useful for installers and, on the other hand, our razor sharp blade, a general workmanship of great cutting performance and speed.

    Drill bits and drill accessories

    Our wide range of bits is complemented by drill accessories. Among the bits, we can distinguish: bits for metal, for glass and porcelain stoneware, for wood, bits for granite, concrete and masonry with cylindrical gripping, SDS-PLUS and SDS-MAX.

    Our range of crowns allows drilling in any type of material such as wood, plaster, plastics, metal, concrete, ceramic, stoneware, marble, granite, porcelain, etc.

    On the other hand, we have a wide range of rotatting millings and countersinks for metal and wood.

    Saw Blades

    In our drill and cut catalog, we distinguish between jig saw blades and saber saw blades for metal and wood; as well as pneumatic saw blades for metal, built with HSS and Bi-metal steel.

    Taps and diez

    Finally, our range of taps and dies allows our clients to recover damaged threads, offering different sets that complete the range.

    Professionals in the metal and wood sector, construction, installers, maintenance professionals, etc. will find in our catalog products for cutting and drilling of high performance and high performance, with roughing of high quality solids.